Fitness - 24.05.17

Cherie Bumble X Daily Mail

Check out our article in the Daily Mail; on how Cherie set up the luxury activewear brand whilst pregnant with her first child, our legions of celebrity fans and dealing with every day life as a new mother and businesswomen.

Cherie Hodge, 27, from Cardiff with her son Jesse-Olive and footballer partner Joe Bennett. She set up her own activewear brand during her pregnancy and launched it when her baby was just a few months old
Cherie with her partner and son.

‘Becoming a mother is so rewarding in itself, however it can be extremely easy to lose all sense of identity as a person, yet Cherie Bumble has given me that something for myself to achieve.’

The glamorous mother-of-one said that always wearing her gym gear after giving birth would motivate her to work out, and inspired her to create her own brand 
Cherie wearing items from the first official collection.

‘I have a background in advertising and marketing and helping other existing businesses grow. But I wanted to carve my own journey, get creative and do things my way; challenging my own ideas and setting my own goals to achieve.’

TOWIE's Chloe Meadows wearing Cherie Bumble Activewear while having fun on a space hopper
TOWIE’S Chloe Meadows in Cherie Bumble.

‘Working out and living a healthy lifestyle has always been something I love to do; not only for the physical benefits but mentally too’

‘After suffering from depression through my late teens, working out has always been a great escapism for me and it really helped me find my feet again. I believe being active is a lifestyle and not an end goal.’

Model and entertainer Emma Walsh who starred in Made In Chelsea as a love interest of Ollie Locke wearing Cherie's designs 
MIC Emma Walsh in Cherie Bumble.

‘I believe any one can achieve the same if they are passionate enough about it and put their mind to it. However, it’s not easy and things don’t happen straight away.’

‘You have to put a lot of graft in to even get noticed in this massively saturated market. Once you get over a few hurdles things start to fall in to place. I’ve noticed that in this business its like a snowball effect, when one thing positive happens, lots follows. If you have a bad day you mustn’t let that affect you and move past it.’

‘All businesses have their up and down moments. It’s about focusing on the bigger picture.’

Liam Payne's ex Sophia Smith shows off her lithe figure in Cherie's designs 
Sophia Smith in Cherie Bumble.

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